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Monday, November 19, 2012

You'll Get Nothing and Like It!

Beer #345 Wrasslers XXXX Stout / The Porterhouse Brewing Company, Dublin, Ireland
Beers to go: 21

After a productive day at work today, I'm in hustle mode tonight as I need to make some dinner, blog, and then transport myself down to Total Wine in Delaware to stock up on wine for Thanksgiving (and maybe some beer for future use).

So tonight I give you a review for Wrasslers XXXX Stout, from The Porterhouse Brewing Company.  This Irish beer is a dark black hue with a thin tan head.  The aroma is of smoke and toasted malt.  The taste has some chocolate, but you really find an overwhelming amount of toasted, roasted, burnt, smoky malt.  There's some bitterness on the finish, but this whole overwhelming smoky thing is just not my cup of tea, and I can't even picture a world where I would drink this beer regularly.  However, that's just me; I'm sure for those of you who like these sort of beers, it's a very fine example of the style.
She can't wrestle, but you should see her box!
 Porterhouse was opened in 1989, and claims to be Ireland's first brewpub.  They now have a number of locations throughout the U.K., and one in New York as well.

Thing to Think About Today:
I really can't think of the word 'Porterhouse' without thinking of Porterhouse, the clubhouse attendant from Caddyshack:
"Why you sonofabitch!"
It's also on my mind because I just re-watched this classic comedy two weekends ago.  While Porterhouse was but a bit character in the grand scheme of the movie, I'm sure his hatred of Judge Smails made him want to engage in some wrestling.  Or, wrassling.... in honor of this beer.  Off to shop, my friends.  Have a good night, and go ahead and think about Caddyshack in my absence:

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