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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Beer #343 Chang / Cosmos Brewery (Thai Beverage), Bangkok, Thailand 
Beers to go: 23

By the time you read this, the Penn State vs. Indiana game has kicked off, and I'm likely enjoying a great day in the parking lot - and hopefully in the stadium, too!

Today's beer is another one of those macro brews, but a macro coming from a strange place that I'm not likely ever going to visit.  Today's beer is Chang, from Cosmos Brewery, which is owned by Thai Beverage, in Bangkok.  In the glass, you see a clear, dull gold, and your nose finds a sweet aroma, maybe of rice.  The taste has some grain and rice, and some sweetness, and not a while of much else, really.  Unless you have some burning desire to cross off a beer from Thailand on your bucket list, go ahead and skip this one.
Pretend this beer never happened
Thing to Think About Today:
You know who makes me laugh?  Ken Jeong, who is hilarious and plays the equally hilarious character Senor Chang on the NBC comedy Community.  He's waaaay better than Chang beer, that's for sure.  Senor Chang, the floor is yours:

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