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Friday, November 9, 2012

Beer 335: Narragansett Lager and Friday Night Randomness

Some random thoughts to keep you cozy on a dark November night...

1. Friday night traffic in the Philadelphia suburbs may ultimately be the death of me. It's as if I took out my invisible car for the commute home.

2. My physical aversion to onions seems to be encompassing garlic now. I will be ignoring this fact and making myself ill for the next several months with the hope that it just stops.

3. I have A LOT of bourbon. If you consider the overall category of whiskey, then it appears I may be opening a liquor store.

4. This was an incredibly productive week. First one in awhile where I didn't come home on Friday hell bent on drowning my sorrows in beer.

That being said I am having a beer -- a nice, light, easy drinking lager from the Narragansett Brewing Company.

It pours a bright golden color with a thick white head. It smells exactly like what I would want a scratch 'n sniff beer sticker to smell like. It tastes sweet, bready and grainy. Very even balance of malt and hop with just a bit of a kick at the very end of the sip. It's a little still for my tastes, but it is easy to drink. At 5% ABV, it is also quite sessionable. Why is this adjunct America lager good in my book when so many others made me want to barf? I can't begin to guess. There's just something appealing about this one.


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