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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beer 354: Silly, Silly Things

I can't explain it, but today was one of those days that is only survivable because you love the people with whom you work. You love them because you can be your truly nerdy self with a sharp wit and you get it delivered right back at you and then some. No one gets huffy. Everyone laughs. Life is crazy but good.

Tonight's beer is the Scotch de Silly from Brasserie de Silly in Belgium. I can't find my photo so for now I can only promise a placeholder. I know the bottle is at home so I'll update at least that much later.

Update: Replacement photo has been deployed!

The Scotch de Silly -- as one would suspect -- is a Scotch ale or wee heavy.  It has an ABV of 8%.  It poured an opaque brown with a thin tan head.  It smells wet, aromatic wood. It's also earthy with some cinnamon and possibly apples.  The taste is rich chocolate caramel and nutty. It has a thin mouthfeel.  There's just a pinch of bitter at the finish to keep it from being too sweet. This is a great beer.


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