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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Last One (Tailgate, Not Beer)

Beer #350 Netebuk Saison / Brouwerij 't Broukot, Gullegem, Belgium
Beers to go: 16

As you're reading this, I'll be standing outside in the parking lot of Beaver Stadium, enjoying one last tailgate with the crew - and hopefully one more win for the Lions!  It's Senior Day, and we're bidding farewell to a great group of young men who are destined to big things once they graduate.

While the 30 degree temperatures at the tailgate are more suited to hot chocolate than beer, there's no stopping the beer reviews now.  Today I'm reviewing Netebuk, a saison from Brouwerj 't Brouwkot in Belgium.  This one was on draft at Teresa's Next Door in Wayne, and I can't pass up a good saison when there's one on draft.  In the glass, it's a clear, very bright gold color, and there's a light aroma of tart citrus.  The flavor gives you lemon, grass, some light sweetness, and an enjoyable tartness.  Quite nice!
Very nice.
Having a hard time figuring out much info on this beer/brewery; their website takes you to Brouwerij Gulden Spoor, but I can't determine if this is a merger thing or a spin-off thing or a rename the brewery thing or what.  If you know, send me a message.  I like knowing.

Thing to Think About Today:
I have nothing to connect this beer or brewery to, so I'll just go ahead and drop in a song that was recently added to our tailgate playlist.  Did you know I create a new, 8 hour tailgate mix for each home game?  With an additional post-game old school rap dance party mix as well?  Now you do.... stop by the tailgate next year and see for yourself.  Today, I'm closing with Youngblood Hawke and We Come Running.

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