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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Beer #346 Westmalle Trappist Tripel / Brouwerij Westmalle, Malle, Belgium
Beers to go: 20

Now down to the last 20 beers on this phase of the craft beer journey, and feeling good!  Had a amazingly productive afternoon, so let's go ahead and blog while we're in a good mood.  To answer a question I've received: yes, I'll be recapping the top 25 beers/breweries of the year once we get to the finish line, and I'll be handing out a few other awards as well.  Keep reading to see if your favorites are here!  Have a favorite post so far this year?  Let me know and win a prize (note: I have no idea what a prize would be)!

Today's beer is a Trappist beer, the Westmalle Tripel from Brouwerij Westmalle in Beligum.  This beer has a honey color, with a wispy white head.  It's fairly well carbonated, and your nose picks up aromas of apple, grass, and spice.  When you take a sip, you find this beer is earthy and dry, with notes of spices, yeast, and flowers, and a definite grape flavor.  This beer packs at healthy punch at 9.5% ABV, although it hides the booze well.  Not my favorite of the Trappist beers by any stretch, but a rather decent option in the world of Belgian tripels.
Go west, young man.
Westmalle Abbey was founded in 1794, and belongs to a religious order that dates back to the eleventh century.  That's old, people.  OLD.

Thing to Think About Today:
So this beer (like all Trappist beers) is brewed by monks who dedicate their life to prayer and work, and in the process make their own cheese, bread, and beer.  If we're drinking beer made by men of the cloth, then let's have Dusty Springfield close things out with the always awesome Son of a Preacher Man.  Note: if my church brewed beer when I was a kid growing up, I might still attend church.  Just saying.

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